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My Spiritual Awakening Journey

Struck by a Violent Electric Shock

On December 21, 2012, the famous day of the end of the world, while I was waiting for the trolley, I was suddenly struck by a violent electric shock, felt like a lightning bolt going through my whole body, right into my head. This sudden explosion left me as if I were dead, with the urge to cry and the feeling of being as if broken into pieces. Remaining in a constant state of hypersensitivity, and reclining at my parents’ home, I wanted to understand what had happened to me and began to make the rounds of the therapists. Then one night, while attending a workshop with clairvoyant therapist Christophe Allain, I had a very intense healing dream in which a deep trauma from my early childhood came to the surface. I then started to remember all my dreams, all astral travels, spiritual encounters, past lives, up to 6 times a night. This allowed me to know a parallel life of which I was not aware until then, which also initiated a deep process of cleaning the subconscious.

Experience of Unity with All Things

I started meditating, although I found it quite boring and useless at first, then during an active heart meditation I had an intense experience of oneness with all things, as if I was in a total loving fusion with all walls, furniture, objects, giving me then (although I didn’t know it at the time) a foretaste of God and encouraging me to continue my efforts in that direction.

Shaktipat Initiation

Shortly thereafter, around 2016, I began to passionately read the books of Joel S. Goldsmith and practicing the presence of God. This helped me to structure my meditation practice, but as time went on, it was still quite “dry”, with no intense experiences, or feelings as known before. I then started to overcome my fear of the unknown and started looking for a master who could give Shaktipat, as I knew for several years that I would end up there, even though I had done everything to postpone this moment. Then in 2019, I joined several Shaktipat intensives and received initiations from Siddha Guru Jan Esmann.

Kundalini Rising & Iboga Initiation

As progress was encouraging but still frustrating, in the summer of 2020 I went to an Iboga plant retreat in the Netherlands (The Origin). From the first spoonful of this ancient medicinal plant, I had a powerful kundalini awakening, like a rocket launched into the sky, except that I myself was that rocket, which brought me into a deep samadhi state, followed by various spiritual visions. This radical experience left me in a state of oneness with all things, as I could feel the world (landscape, objects and people) living energetically within me. But a few days later I had to come down from my ladder again, and faced a strong emotional backlash, with terrible anxiety and panic attacks as soon as I closed my eyes to go to sleep, with episodes of loss of identity, which made me feel broken and lost again.

A Regular Energy Work

After recovering from that, I looked for regular energy transmission in order to support my practice of meditation, I went for KAP with Diana for some month, then I found Gareth Duignam, another Shaktipat Guru, student of Jan Esmann, from whom I received transmissions for 2 years, helping me to stabilize my state, and bodily integrate higher consciousness states, that my nervous system had not been able to hold at the time.

Direct Experience of God

In January 2022, after waking up one morning, and while still sitting in bed, time suddenly froze, and I had a direct experience of what the Eternal One, God, the Supreme Self, the undifferentiated absolute reality beyond all form and concept, self-existent, untouched by its own creation, is all about, while the separated “me”, the body, and the world had at that moment totally disappeared from the map, yet I remained fully aware of being that.

The Joy of Sharing

Now, my willing is to help and support others with their own awakening, with shaktipat transmission and satsang through the practice of the Presence of God, with a focus on helping you overcome emotionnal blockages and traumas, as I know from experience, how it can handicap you since early childhood, leading you into depression, to finally make you miss your true nature. Pascal.

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