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One-to-One Session

with Pascal

One-to-One sessions are for you, if you’re looking for a process of deep healing and spiritual transformation, to awaken your kundalini and raise your level of consciousness, to realize your true nature and directly experience God or oneness with all things.

Merging with the Pure « I AM »

During our session, you will receive satsang and shaktipat transmission, in order to accelerate your consciousness and kundalini awakening. By this practice you’ll learn to detach from the mind, to find the Pure “I AM”, the blissful life-current within and merge with it, for the realization of your true blissfull nature, according to the Gospels and Advaita Vedanta’s teachings.

Reaching Deeper Meditation States

Satsang and shaktipat transmission will over time purify your nervous system, subtle bodies and chakras, “preparing the way for the Lord and straightening his paths in you”, allowing kundalini energy to flow more freely, clearing subconcious negative pattern, and releasing emotional blocages, to facilitate integration of higher consciousness states, bringing you a continuous sense of God’s presence, which will help you to maintain yourself in a natural meditation state, bringing you greater peace, joy, bliss, clarity and stability in your daily life.

How to Book my Individual Session?

Individual sessions are offered in English or French via WhatsApp. The fee is €50 for a one hour session. Please, don’t forget to indicate your mobile phone number, so that I could call you back the day of our session. For booking: first, schedule your session with the calendar, then send your donation with Paypal to validate it. If however, you can’t afford the cost of a session, feel free to contact me, so we can find a solution together. Pascal.

By booking a session, I understand that it does not constitutes neither a mental or physical treatment nor a legal medical consultation and I hereby agree and confirm not to interrupt any ongoing medical treatment or therapy, and not to cancel any appointment scheduled by my physician, without the latter’s advice.

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Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you want to book a private session with satsang and shaktipat transmission for kundalini and consciousness awakening. Pascal (in English only!)