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Awaken to your True

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Hello, I’m Pascal. I offer individual coaching session for consciousness and kundalini awakening, with shaktipat transmission and satsang guidance through the practice of the presence of God, for deep emotional healing and reconnection with your true spiritual nature.

Who are the sessions for?

Sessions are aimed to all spiritual seekers and meditation practicioners, who desire to learn how abide in the pure “I AM”, and awaken to their true essence, and to all those who want to free themselves from emotional blockages and traumas, in order to recover joy and inner peace.

What will you receive from the sessions?

Sessions will help you remove all kind of blockages, gradually purifying chakras, nadis and sushumna channel, activating kundalini energy and raising your level of  consciousness, allowing you to effortlessly live in your natural blissful state.

What does a session look like?

We’ll start by talking about your current state and any obstacles you’re facing in your spiritual practice. After that, I’ll guide you into the practice of the presence of God, and you will receive healing and transmission in silence. Then we’ll close our session, with any questions that may have arisen in the meantime.

After a spontaneous kundalini awakening on December 12, 2012, I began to work with many healers and therapist, for a long and passionating period of self-discovery. During this process, I started to remember all dreams, traumas and also past lives. I also became interested in meditation and in the practice of the presence of God, reading a lot of Joel S. Goldsmith,  christian mysticism and advaita vedanta books. Along my journey, I received multiple initiations and transmissions from different masters and gurus, which helped me to stabilize my emotional and mental state, and therefore to experience and reintegrate higher consciousness states. Now, I wish to help all spiritual seekers, aswell as all those stuck with emotional blockages, traumas, or depression, and accompagny you through this healing and consciousness awakening path, for the realization of your true spiritual nature.

About Me

Frequently Asked


Despite all the dramas and sufferings of the human experience, there is in the midst of us a presence, a love stream, a “river of living water” which is always there, always pure and changeless. This stream of love, Christ in us, our Divine Self, is the heart of our being, it is the Kingdom of God in the midst of us, it is the same yesterday, today and forever, closer to us than our own breath, than our hands or our feet. Our mission is simply to know him, to abide in him and to let him abide in us, by doing this, we become one with God, and we are healed by letting all our repressed emotions (karma, samskaras, sins or iniquities) dissolve in him.

“The whole heart, soul and mind are focused on the realization of the Presence, so that we can reach the place where, within us, the Spirit
of God is upon us, and where
we experience the inner joy
that is the Presence.”

Self-realization is what happens when the individualized and conscious part of your being (ego, mind, person, manifested, visible form) merges with the universal and unconscious part of your being (God, Self, impersonal, unmanifested, formless). It is the living realization that “I and the Father are one”, and that God is the same divine Self that eternally shines as my own Self and as the Self of all others, and that everything in essence is the same consciousness, the same Self.

“Self-Realization opens the path
for development by eliminating
all identification with falsehood,
allowing the Kundalini to flow freely.”

Throughout the different ages of man, traumas and repressed emotions accumulate, increasing the sense of separation, and deeply affecting our way of reacting, often to the point of creating inextricable situations. Suffering, depression or anxiety are the logical consequence of the one pure blissfull consciousness (our unconscious natural state) identification with the body, which creates the illusion of being a person suffering from all these afflictions and unfulfilled desires. While remaining as the pure witness, firmly anchored in one’s true nature, is the way for a more peaceful and harmonious life, just like the river tirelessly continues to flow despite the various obstacles that cross its course.

“All this happens when one
thinks that there is a difference
between God and oneself.”

What is Shaktipat & Darshan?

In the Indian tradition, shaktipat is the conscious transfer of spiritual energy from the guru to the student. In the Gospels, it is also called « baptism with the Holy Spirit and fire ». Darshan is a also grace transmission, effectued through the presence or abiding in the Self. In both cases, the goal is to awaken kundalini and raise consciousness, in order to lead the aspirant to Self-realization.

“I baptize you with water, but after
me comes one who is mightier
than I, whose sandals I am not
worthy to carry. He will baptize
you with the Holy Spirit and fire.”

What are the benefits of Shaktipat & Darshan?

Regular spiritual energy transmission or shaktipat will accelerate your process of consciousness awakening, and the purification and enlightenment of the mind, helping you to more quickly reach deep meditation states or samadhi, where for the same result, a monk or yogi would have to spend a whole life isolated in a cave or a monastery.

“By the grace of the Guru a man’s inner Shakti is awakened through the process of Shaktipat. Unfolding, his Shakti fills him with Chiti, and he is gradually freed from cravings and desires, the pull of the sense organs and from all limited states. He achieves total union with God.”

Samadhi is the art of completely surrendering and forgetting oneself in God. It corresponds to different degree of deep meditation, states of altered consciousness, like mystical ecstasy among the saints, where the mind is transcended and absorbed into the Self. There are 3 main levels of self-forgetfulness in God, such as Savikalpa Samadhi, peaceful witnessing of the thoughts without affectation, Nirvikalpa Samadhi, where the ego dissolve into undifferentiated consciousness, then Sahaja Samadhi as named by Ramana Maharshi, which is comparable to the natural state of an infant, where the mind is constantly bathed by a continuous flow of shakti and bliss coming from the Self.

“When a seeker experiences the bliss of his own true nature, he ignores what is seen and heard and stills his mind like a flame where there is no wind. This is called nirvikalpa samadhi.”

Kundalini awakening is a natural physiological process of purification of the nervous system, chakras, and of the subconscious mind, where the life force energy lodged at the base of the spine is irresistibly drawn to the crown chakra, at the top of the skull, and begins a long ascent along the spine and the 76,000 nadis, breaking the 3 granthis knots (root, heart, atlas) with the final goal of reuniting individual consciousness with universal cosmic consciousness, for the realization of our true nature.

“Initiation, or Kundalini awakening, gives a person complete knowledge. In the final stage of meditation, the awareness of “I am Him” and “I am perfect” arises spontaneously within.”

Once awakened, kundalini energy triggers a profound spiritual transformation process, whose purpose is to “prepare the way of the Lord and make straight his paths within you”, that is to say, to cleanse the living temple of God, which are the physical, mental and emotional bodies, chakras and subconscious mind, in order to fully integrate God-Self-Christ consciousness, and so that each of us may have life and joy in abundance.

“Prepare the way for the Lord,
make straight paths for him. And
all flesh will see God’s salvation.”

True spiritual healing crisis or dark night of the soul as called by the mystic St John of the Cross, could also arrive, and with that, more unpleaseant stuff such as a great feeling of abandon and deep metaphysical anguish related to the ego’s “crucifixion” and the fear of dying. Different to the classic depression, it is the sign that all the emotional and mental subconscious rubbing dump, accumulated through years and lifes is now being emptied, and that your spiritual awakening has really started, with no possible turning back.

You may pass through differents stages, which are symbolically illustrated in the gospels, by the agony of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, the outrages of the Christ, the stations of the cross, the crucifixion and the abandon of Jesus on the cross. The dark night of the soul may take weeks, even months with variations in intensity, alternating between desolation, fears and need of social isolation, depending on your psychic structure, your life’s history and wounds of your soul. Remember that all of these symptoms are the necessary thorns, when you want to reach the rose’s heart, as well as good signs of the progress of your spiritual awakening process which is only purification of the ego-mind, by the constant remembering of what you already are.

“My soul is overwhelmed with
sorrow to the point of death,”
he said to them. “Stay here
and keep watch.“

Basically kundalini energy is, according to Ramana Maharshi, the very life-current within us, it is our own self, our own life, it is earth’s vital force energy, which is the substance and essence of all material life. The ego-mind have a natural fear of kundalini, because it knows, that when kundalini is awakened, it’s end is near. So unless to use particularly brutal ways, as too harsh yoga or pranayama exercice to activate it, kundalini is not dangerous per se, as it is the Mother, the supra-intelligent vital-force that is pervading everything, and that is nurturing and maintening every life form, so there is no need to be afraid of it.

“Kundalini is your mother. She has
been born with you several times.
She is the one who is going to give
you Realization. Do you think your
Kundalini is going to harm you by
any chance, is going to torture
you, is going to trouble you?”

Satsang is a sharing in the supreme knowledge that God is one and that only God exists. This practice will help to decrease the personal sense of «me» and to increase the impersonnal sense of «HIM», to forget yourself in God, letting the ego-mind merge with the Self, or to abide in God and to let God abide in you, as taught by Jesus Christ in the Gospels.

“Indeed, if you call out for insight
and cry aloud for understanding,
and if you look for it as for silver
and search for it as for hidden
treasure, then you will understand
the fear of the Lord and find
the knowledge of God.”

“Turn inward. The “I am” you know.
Be with it every moment you can
until you turn to it spontaneously.
There is no simpler and easier way.”

“I am the way, and the truth,
and the life: no one come unto
the Father, but by me. If you had
known me, you should have known
my Father also: and from henceforth
you know him, and have seen him.”

“The practice consists in the constant search for the ‘I’, the source of the ego. Look for “Who am I”. The ‘I’, in its pure state, is Reality, the absolute being, consciousness, bliss. When one forgets this, all miseries arise; when one’s attention is fixed on That, miseries pass.”

“We know that the Son of God
is come, and has given us an understanding, that we may know him that is true, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and eternal life.”
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